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This back door step-dog could have been yours!  She was adopted and is in a good home now.  She is about three months old.  Very friendly. She rolls over often so you can scratch her belly.   She knows about licking, putting her chin in your open hand to rest, sitting in a pan of water to keep cool.  She has all the facial expressions and looks that are needed to steal your heart.  She might even like your kids better than you do.  She loves baths, hanging around on the back step and wants to be a house dog.  She has to live outside at our house and face the night-time dangers.  I'll bet she can hear the coyotes bark, see copper heads crawling around and smell skunks that prowl here at night.  Maybe none of the skunks have rabies.

"The Step Dog" has her priorities straight.  She understands that cats have to be put in their place.  Barn yard cats have to be barked at and cats trying to get up on the step with her have to be growled at.  Her priorities got adjusted some when one of our cats set claws into her and hurt her feelings a lot.

She does like her new tick and flea collar and her new green collar. 

She is waiting for a good home and a good name.  We have considered "Squeegee".    If you have ideas for either one you can email her below.

I don't know what breed she is. German Shepard has been suggested.

If you have a soft heart for puppies you may not want to click on the following pictures to see a close up of this dog.  She does smile a lot but not while I am taking her picture.  She is still a little nervous since she was thrown out at our place and she knows she was not wanted by her original owners.

If you have any thing to write to this puppy or a suggested name for her you can email her at the address below.  I think she will be glad to hear from you.

Don't let this look fool you, she is just being coy for
 the camera. (Click on images for larger view)

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"You can't make me move." "Bathe me will you?" "This is chilling out!"
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"I'm staying right here." "Scratch that will you?" "I love this bath tub."
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"Some days are just too much." "I'm clean and ready to travel any time." "Will you scratch my belly?"
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"If you come any closer I will growl." "See that cat trying to get my place?" "Oh, man, right there."

Hobbies:  Chasing grasshoppers, keeping cats off the back step, dragging "things" around the yard, lying in cool wet places in the yard.


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