Sinbad Falls for Little Blue Dog

"I'd Walk the Line"

Dear Blue Dog,          

My parents found out about my letter from you.  They weren't mad but insisted I send a reply.  I was thinking of a reply before they said it.  It's true I have been looking for a friend.  My parents are real good to me but they are gone a lot and I have to spend a large portion of my time sleeping because I don't have anyone to play with.  I do have two rabbit friends (at least I think of them as friends) here in the barn yard.  They won't stop to play though, when I chase them.  Boy are they fast!  It's probably for the best since sometimes they smell like food.  It  wouldn't be polite to eat one of my best playmates.   

I think if you will come visit, we could lie on our backs and bask in the sun on winter afternoons.   I like to roll on my back over and over to see how many leaves I can get in my fur then stand up and do a lot of shaking and watch the leaves fly.  Being a guard dog, I have to work most nights watching for critters.  On clear nights with the full moon shining I love to just rest and listen to the  coyotes howling.   They run up and down the road and across the pasture in front of my house.  Mostly I don't talk to them because they talk funny.  

If you come to visit we can see if we like each other.  I must be truthful and open with you now though;  I have a black tongue.  A lot of people are afraid of me; they say a dog with a black tongue will bite.  Well, I must say I have been tempted a few times.  My master says "It's OK Sinbad, It's OK!"  I wish he would just come out and say what he really means is "They are OK, don't bite them".  If he would just let me try it once I would like to see what happens.  Since I am not allowed to bite, I just let out a couple of blood curdling horrible barks.  Most of the time people get back in their car and I just go crawl under my travel trailer which is sort of a security blanket for me.  I know it sounds silly, but when I am under there the gnats don't bother me as much.  There is room for two and I wouldn't mind sharing the space with you.

You are probably wondering about how the food is here.  It is tremendous.  I make a "happy plate" every meal unless I don't feel well.   In the morning all I have to do is stare in the kitchen window after my parents have had breakfast and pretty soon Lou Jane will come and bring me a snack.  I am sure her conscience gets to bothering her when she sees my big teary brown eyes.  Of course they just look that way as I am waking up in the morning, but whatever  works.
Regular feed time is right before bedtime.  I have her to put a little milk with my food and a dog bone on the side.  About once a month she will put medicine with my food.  I just make out like I don't know it's there and eat it anyway.  I trust her and don't want to hurt her feelings.

After reading this I think you will want to come visit.  Times are good here.  I really like the picture you sent me.  You look very nice with your blue fur and beautiful eyes.  The next time I get my fur combed I will send you a picture of me.  I don't get my hair done very often because it make me nervous.  I get cockle burs and grass burs in my hair and they brush, pull and cut my hair until I whimper.  The whimper trick usually works and they give me a rest.  They always give me a treat afterwards, but trust doesn't come easily, you know.  Sincerely Yours,

Sinbad Davis                    
AKA  Sinbad the Chowdog                

PS:  Little miss Blue Dog I will watch for you coming down the road.  Don't forget to put the red carnation behind your ear so I will recognize you.