Sinbad the Chow Dog is a Good Ole Dog
(Sinbad is a Chow cross)
by Jerry Davis 12-14-04

"Take this job and shove it."

Sinbad the Chow Dog always looks in the kitchen window in the morning waiting for his morning snack.

You see, Sinbad can't hear anything much but thunder anymore.  He can hear thunder real well and like most dogs doesn't understand it.  He gets this very worried look in his eyes and gets as close to us as he can but will not come inside the house.

Sinbad came to us by way of someone grooming him very well and dropping him near our driveway.  He laid down and waited for his people to come back for him but they never showed.  He didn't know his way home so he just laid by the side of the road with a very sad face.  I saw him beside the driveway and said "We can't keep this dog, his face is so ugly no one will ever stop to visit.  I must get rid of this dog."

Lou Jane said "You can't get rid of this dog, I believe this dog is very smart."  I'm not sure why she believed this but she couldn't see how ugly this dog was and wanted to keep him."   I said "We will keep him for a while and see how he adjusts to this country life.  If he chases pickups, cows, or guests, he is not going to be with us very long."  I think he understood what I said because he has never chased a pickup or a cow during the 12 years we have had him."   He has been tempted a few times when we have been working with the cows.  He wanted to help us but he really didn't know what to do.  

Sinbad became deaf when he got about 11 years old.  He can't hear but his sense of smell is as good as any country dog.  He learned to read when he was younger, I really don't know how young.  Read smells like on your clothes, that is.  He can smell your clothes and know whether you are going to the pasture or to town without ever missing a clue.  When we come back at the end of the day from the city he knows if we have been eating fried potatoes and watches to see if we have a few in a sack for him.  He likes fries as much as we do.  

Now that he is deaf he has also learned to read lips so we look straight at him if we need to tell him where we are going for the night and when we will be back.  If we tell him we are going on an extended trip he gets depressed and begins to wonder about who will come to feed and water him while we are gone.  We have heard he really perks up when the people he likes come to feed and pet him.  They groom him and pet him and spoil him I guess; he is always happy and in a good mood when we return.

Sinbad, with some training from us, has eventually changed from a "drug store cow dog" to a "cattleman's dog" and carries himself accordingly.

Sinbad is particular about the company he keeps.  I guess he likes armadillos because they can root up the ground all around him and he just sleeps right on.  Skunks are a different matter all together.  Sinbad  gives skunks free passage even to his food.  He will make believe he is asleep but keep one eye open.  Opossums get on his nerves because they go to sleep about the time he is ready to chase them and go in for the kill.  He loses interest when they go to sleep and in a little while they can slip away into the night unharmed.  Now Raccoons are a different matter, they come in and try to steal his food and growl when he says no.  That is something they should never do.  He hates to see their teeth and proceeds to wring their necks until they are dead.  Then he brings his trophy to the front yard and watches it for a while to be sure he did a thorough job and to be sure I know of his accomplishment.  Sinbad has compassion for animals that are wounded.  I saw him get into a vicious fight with a blind raccoon one time and as soon as he realized he was fighting a blind raccoon he let him go. 

He chooses his friends carefully.  He isn't very fond of "smokers" and finds the habit disgusting.   Now, if children come to play with him he is in dog heaven.  There are only a few adults he will even give the time of day.  He won't even talk to me if I have scissors in my hand.   Some adults he won't even let out of their car without permission.  He is a pretty good judge of character.


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