Petey the Snake

"Friends in Low Places"

The following clip appeared in the Andrews, Texas newspaper in the 1970's and has been recited many times since.  If you can recite this on the New Year's morning without a bobble, you are definitely ready for the New Year:


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Petey was a snake, only so
big. Petey lived in a pit with
his mother.
                      One day Petey was hissing                        
in the pit when his Mother
said, "Petey don't hiss in the
pit, go outside the pit to
hiss."  So Petey went outside
of the pit to hiss.
    Petey was hissing all
around when he finally
leaned over and hissed in
the pit.  Petey's Mother
heard Petey hissing in the
pit and said. "Petey, if you
must hiss in the pit, go over
to Mrs. Pott's pit to hiss in
her pit."
    Petey went over to Mrs.
Pott's pit to hiss in her pit,
but Mrs. Pott  was not at
home, so he hissed in her pit
anyway.  While Petey was
hissing in Mrs. Pott's pit,
Mrs. pott came home and
found Petey hissing in her
pit.  She said, "Petey, if you
must hiss in a pit, don't hiss
in my pit; go to your own pit
and hiss."
    This made Petey very
sad, and he cried all the way
home.  When Petey got home
his Mother saw him crying
and said, "Petey, what's the
matter?"  Petey said, "I went
over to Mrs. Pott's to
hiss in her pit but Mrs. Pott
came home and found me
hissing in her pit and said
"Petey, if you must hiss in a
pit, go to your own pit and
hiss.  Don't hiss in my pit."
    This made Petey's Mother
very angry and she said,
"Why that mean old lady.  I
knew Mrs. Pott when she
didn't have a pit to hiss in."


  Lou Jane is a librarian and reads this once a year to her theatre students to demonstrate articulation and concentration ( The students may try it if they dare.).... thanks Lou Jane for making this contribution....