The Beer Hunters of Buffalo Gap, Oh I mean Deer Hunters.

These are deer hunters to watch out for.  A story from near Abilene, TX.

The following story is supposed to be true, but I have my doubts.  However,  I will leave it pretty much as it was given to me.  You know as we say, some people are just downright stupid without even trying to be. smile.

A man's son told him this story one morning while driving out to "watch" deer.
He and his wife and another couple went out to dinner Saturday night, they
had finished eating, were sitting talking, when the preacher stopped at their
table.  He told them he had been up at the hospital visiting a young man who
had just had surgery.  Seems these two guys were going deer hunting
Saturday morning, it was in the low 30s and frost on the
windshields.  Somewhere out Buffalo Gap Road the fuse for the
heater/defroster blew.  They pulled over, found the fuse box, got a fuse out
of the glove box and were back on the road in a few minutes.  The new fuse
only lasted a few minutes when it blew.  They pulled over again, looked in
the glove box and could not find a fuse, one of them being a genius, figured out
how to fix the problem.  Back into the glove box he reaches, fished out a box of
.22 long rifle shells, pulls the blown fuse, sticks a .22 bullet in, fires up the
truck and hits the road.  About a quarter of a mile the road the .22 goes
off.  A large piece of the case was deposited in the groin area of the young
man.  The preacher said the case got so hot it was welded to the fuse box.  I
guess these guys didn't know a blown fuse normally indicates a short, and a
shorted wire normally gets hot.
 I guess they had some good luck since the wires didn't catch fire and burn up the automobile and their guns.


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