The Caliche Times    Vol. 4  No. 1       01-01-02

by Cowboy Jerry  

Santa's Boot Tracks

A snow shower came last night but it had all melted by middle of the morning. Maybe we can get several inches later today, the moisture would be good for our winter grass and grain.  Guess we will throw out some feed cubes for the cows later today; they look hungry in the bleakness of this winter day.

We have two new baby calves.  They are running around with their tails up in the air like they are having fun.  They always do that after they have had dinner.  Calves can have dinner any time of the day.  They don't have to wait for the evening to have dinner.

The fireplace is operational now after not being used for a long time.  I gathered up wood here on the farm so we could have a nice fire for the holidays.  We enjoyed it so much we had used up most of the wood before the snow came.  The last time there was a fire in the fireplace was when Leslie and Dad were playing a game at a card table in front of it many years ago.  Wood gathering became a chore and not a very practical way to heat the den so it wasn't used after that.  We are glad to be using it again even if it does require some attention.  It brought us some extra pleasure when one of our Grandsons noticed that Santa had left his boot tracks in the ashes during his visit to fill the stockings with items. Caleb said "Look Jonah!  Santa came by here.  He put stuff in our stockings!  And there's his footprints."  Jonah looked.  It reminded me that the same thing happened to me when I was a little boy and we lived in the old plank house.  I got up Christmas morning to discover that Santa had left boot tracks in the ashes of the fireplace when he came to deliver a train set for me.  I did a lot of thinking about Santa making it down the chimney and where the reindeer sleigh had been parked.  Looking back on the event now makes me wonder how Santa got the soot off his red suit.

We hope you and yours had a good holiday season with your loved ones close by you.   May your memories be good ones and never be changed.

Jerry and Lou Jane

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