The Thunder Belt
Jerry Davis 5-25-00


We are the ones you hear about, we live in the thunder belt.

Don't you wish you had one too?

If it rains too much where you are, you need a belt like ours.

It gives us thunder, blowing sand, and tempting wind.

 Not everyone has such a blessing as ours.

I'm not sure what you have to do to earn one, but we have one and we might trade.

I know you must be jealous because not everyone can lay claim to a thunder belt.

We are pleased to have such an honor.

We know others must be in need more than we are because we hear the wind go by us from South to North day after day. 

We know that wind is blowing coastal moisture up to folks north of us that really need the blessing of rain.

You see, we don't have to have rain anymore.  We have learned to adjust.  We also know if we aren't getting rain someone else is and that is our blessing we are glad we could help others.

If you feel our wind go by then we want you to know that we are sending you one of our blessings, because the moisture you are getting came through our Thunder Belt and headed right for you.

Maybe you will get more rain than you need sometime and send some back our way and bless us.

We would feel kind of good and not too upset if you decided to do that.

We have learned to live without rain, but it wouldn't hurt our feelings any to get an inch or two.

Why, we could restock our pastures with cattle, our tanks with fish and our yards with grass.

But we are blessed; we don't have to worry anymore because we live in the thunder belt.

Listen, I can almost hear the thunder now.  Can you hear it?