The Lone, Little, Loveable, Puppy of a "Screw-tailed" Bulldog named "Peewee"

(C) by Jerry Davis
A true story from the Gil Walker family.

Quite a few years ago there were two little country kids not too much different from other little kids.  One a blond haired little boy about 8 and his brown haired older sister about 10 years old.   These two little kids had playmates that came from all around to play in the sandy land and woods of their property.  There were plenty of games and mischief to go around to all who came.  Sometimes the neighbor's kids brought their own mischief, but that is beside the point.

This family was well known in the area and "never met any strangers."  If a neighbor needed anything, this family would do their best to help.

A few years earlier, this family had come into possession of a "screw-tailed" bulldog; a female for sure.  Female dogs have a way of dropping in on country folks.  This dog had arrived at the little farmhouse in this manner and soon became part of the family.  The term "spayed" may not have been known at that time.  Nature has a way about things that caused this dog to become heavy with pups.  As soon as the mother "found" these pups, it was observed that some turned out to be female.  As was custom in those days, the female pups were destroyed and the male pups were left to be given away.   

Neighbors came and neighbors went as these folks provided a "way station" of good will for anyone to enjoy.  As time went along, all the male puppies had been given away except one lone puppy.  He became very attached to the little boy and girl and they became attached to him.   The parents had let it be understood however, that when the puppy became a little older it would be given away.  "One screw-tailed,  female,  bulldog was enough to feed anyway."   It was also understood that this "momma" dog would soon enough find more puppies, since she hadn't been "fixed".

It was inevitable that after a while, a family came to visit that was interested in this puppy.  They visited for a while.   Before long, the visiting was over and they were ready to leave except for loading the puppy.  The little, lone, male puppy of a "screw-tailed" mother bulldog was nowhere to be found.  The family began to look for the little puppy.  The guests began to look for the puppy.  The little girl began to look for the puppy.  The little girl began to holler for her little brother.  The mother began to holler for her son.  The little puppy was missing and so was the boy.  The mother of the little boy and girl said " I guess my son has gone to the woods to meet up with the neighbor's kids as he does a lot."  The little girl said "I guess little brother has gone to the woods." 

The search continued for quite a while longer with everyone hollering for the puppy and for the boy.   Finally, the guests left without the puppy.

After the guests had left, the little girl went to their garage and hollered up into the hiding space in the top of the garage.  "Ok, you can come down now and bring the puppy with you."   After considerable discussion about what kind of trouble this meant for the two of them, the boy scrambled down out of the garage with the puppy. 

When the two kids showed up with the puppy and told what their plan had been, the mother understood and laughed.  The kids didn't like these people that came to visit.  As planned in advance, no matter how loud his sister called for him and the puppy, he was to stay in top of the garage and keep the puppy from answering the call.  They had decided if they had to give away their puppy that they cared so much about, at least they wanted to give it to someone they liked.  

The lone, little, loveable, puppy of the "screw-tailed" bulldog named Peewee soon was placed with a home more suitable to the whole family.