Davis Elm Creek Ranch

(These terms are used in writings about cow psychology which is linked at the bottom of this page.)

Cows on the honor system cows that know that they can jump the old fence around your place but know if they are not back by supper time they will be sold.

 Weaners or weanies calves that have reached 6 months of age and are being weaned.

 Heiferettes -   heifers that have reached breeding age but have not been bred.

 Long-tailed heifers usually heifers, 20 months or older that are of breeding age. Tails are long enough to touch the ground in some cases.

 Bound up external constipation as a result of  agglutination of the droppings to the tail and rear of a calf.

 Calf fries testicles in the frying pan

 Mountain Oysters same as calf fries, neither of which is a food item at the Davis Ranch. Quite popular though with some of the hired hands and a real treat for Sinbad the Chow Dog.

 Guard Buzzards   the two ranch buzzards that watch for road kill and particularly armadillos that are carried to the burial ground. They always signal for help if the kill is larger than an armadillo. If they signal for help there will be about 25 buzzards show up.

 Broussard and Brusella   - names of the guard buzzards at the Davis Ranch.

PS: Quite a few words are used when working cattle that aren't included here.  Cows know the words very well and that's all that matters.

  Terms coined at Davis Elm Creek Ranch


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