Letter to Grandson
It takes courage to have your tonsils removed.


Dear Jonah,                                                                                 3-7-05

Papa Jerry here. How are you doing? I hear that you really were strong at the doctor’s office. I’m glad to hear of your great courage. Sometimes going to the doctor can be a little frightening. I get nervous sometimes when I have to go to the doctor. In my mind, I say "why me? why me?" I know it has to be done to stay healthy so I go ahead and go.

When I was your age, I remember going to the doctor to have my tonsils removed. My mother and dad said it needed to be done. When it came time for the surgery, the nurse had me to climb into a tall comfortable chair. She said, "Now I am going to put this mask over your face and you will smell this funny smelling gas. You need to breathe the gas by taking deep breaths and count backwards from 100." She was right about the gas, it did smell funny. I had never smelled anything like that before and don’t want to smell it again. When she put the mask over my face I thought, "Well, I’m going to die right here." I started to count backwards and fell right to sleep. I woke up in a little while and heard them talking about ice cream. Said I could have all I wanted. I’m thinking this is not too bad after all. I ate ice cream and soup for 3 or 4 days. Mother treated me really good. I could play and didn’t have to do any work. I had to do all the playing by myself though, since I didn’t have a brother or sister. You are really lucky to have a good brother like Caleb to help you play quiet games and be a good friend.

It takes a lot of courage and self-discipline to do what the doctor says and not be rambunctious and play too hard for a couple of weeks. I know you will feel better soon and we will come to see you when we can.


Papa Jerry