Counting Blessings

By Jerry Davis   9/5/00

The Hot and Cold Springs

I read a story about a special area in Mexico that has two natural springs.  One spring has boiling water and the spring next to it has cold water.  Ladies from the surrounding area come there to wash clothes in the hot water spring and rinse them in the cold spring.   A tourist asked the guide if the women considered it a blessing to have these springs for washing clothes.  The guide said, no, the women are always complaining that there is no soap.  Sometimes we overlook our blessings.

A Generous Person

Lou Jane is a blessing to me and I see her as a very generous person.  She is able to give of herself and her time and material things in a way that goes beyond my experience.  It was engrained in her from birth to share what she had with others and be a good neighbor; give to the church and people in need.

 Looking for Blessings in Problems

Lou Jane and I have a habit of looking for blessings in problems. We look for learning experiences or benefits.  

Advantage of the Drought

Each day we face the drought with its scorching wind.    We realized during the second year of the drought that our stock ponds (tanks) were going to lose all their water.  We decided we could use the drought to our advantage and have dozers clean out farm ponds and do earthwork to improve our place.  We have to consider the drought to be an opportunity that we haven’t seen in 50 years to get this work done.

 The Family of Birds

We look through blowing caliche dust and see the concrete birdbath we keep filled with water.  Sitting around the rim of the fountain we see a family of eight blue birds that grew up here and decided to spend the summer with us.  They take turns drinking with families of mockingbirds and scissor tails.  As they drink, it is obvious that without this water and the wonderful supply of grasshoppers, these birds wouldn’t have made the summer.  And so we count our blessings.

 The Electricity Went Dead

Saturday of  Labor Day weekend, with a temperature of 104 degrees, the electricity suddenly went dead.  I had to find my old model telephone and call my neighbor to see if she also had an electrical problem, as is our custom before calling the electric company.   She couldn’t be reached because she too had a modern telephone that depended on electricity.   I finally called our power company and they were on their way but didn’t say where the problem was, if they knew.   I kept an eye on the outdoors, watching for a fire started by downed power lines.   We decided a transformer or a power line might have been hit by dove hunters. 

The Whirlwind

My neighbor to the south of me called later and reported the problem had been near her home.   She related that she had heard a great noise outside her house.  She looked out and observed sheet iron from a barn being carried by a large whirlwind into power lines near her home.  With concern, she watched as the pieces of sheet iron hung across and through damaged power lines.  To her relief,  the pieces of iron fell to the ground and no fire resulted.  The damage was soon repaired.  We all counted blessings that day.

The Adventures of Grandchildren

There are days we find our blessings in grandchildren.  I remember a story about a recent day when the grandchildren were being kept by Aunt Sharla, Uncle Greg and Mom Kelly.  The boys, Caleb, 3 ½, Jonah, 2 years old, had been playing together while the three adults were visiting.  The adults realized that suddenly there was no noise from the boys playing, an unusual quiet.  On investigating, they found the boys sitting “Indian style” around the shower drain.  Caleb was saying “Jonah, it’s your turn to put Q-tips down the drain.”   It took a while to fish all the Q-tips out.  A humorous, harmless, adventure as we look back on it.  We count our blessings.

 The Chase

I remember sitting in my big comfortable lounge chair during the boy’s last visit and watching events develop.  All of a sudden the boys decide it is time to chase.  Because of the design of our house, it is possible for the boys to chase in a large circle.  It's not an unusual sight to see the boys running; but to see them being followed by their dad, running or crawling and scaring them along, adds to the fun. 

Family Members That Care

The boys recruit as many family members as are willing for this one.  It gives me a little pause to see their grandmother and their mother hiding behind things and saying “shish” as I try to stay out of the way of the boys as they are searching.   We count our blessings for family members that care.

The Crunch

Caleb found he can entertain himself by putting M&Ms on the kitchen table and smash them with a stick.  They break pretty good if they don’t slip and fly away.  We are still looking for the blessing in this activity.

The Blessings from Rose

You can read about our blessings from Rose at the following link: