Davis Elm Creek Ranch
Blackberry Crop
(c) Jerry Davis 2005


Lou Jane is a berry picking expert.  Her mother, Violet,  trained her in all the nuances of the art.  My mother, Amy, taught me a lot of what I know about berry picking .  Lou Jane, however, is honing my skills even as I hone.

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I heard from Jim Tom or Aaron at the Cawley Reunion that the berries on the home place may have been started by Grandmother (Ethyl) and Papa (JW) Cawley.  Grandmother used to tell them to go down to the berry fence row near the creek and pick berries.   I think some across the road (South) were set out by John Smith. John Smith had quite an extensive fruit and vegetable orchard. Wildlife that eat berries have spread the berry seeds around the place also.  We noticed that during fence building some of the vines were spread to new places by the bull dozer work.  I have also transplanted some of the vines myself. 

If you have a sandy patch of land along a fence or trellis you can easily start blackberries.  Just plant some cuttings, water it good and fertilize once a year before the berry plants start to bloom.  Be sure your location is not prone to poison oak or poison ivy, briars or black bears.  Any of these aforementioned things can be a nuisance.   Care for the vines a couple of years and watch for blooms and nine weeks later, ripe berries.  The fertilizer will give the vines good growth and good taste.