The Beef That Left With a Storm
(c) 7/7/2001 Jerry Davis

A friend and his wife came to visit recently and told us a story.  I will call this friend "G".   This is a true story.

Now "G" went to get a calf from a fellow rancher after finding out that he had a really good hand-fed steer to sell.   The rancher wasn't home when "G" arrived but his son was there and went with "G" to get the calf.  When they arrived at the corral trap, the boy said "You wait right here while I go for the calf.   "G" waited in the long neck of the corral trap and soon he heard the sound of hoofs pounding the earth and coming hard toward him.

"G" thought to himself, "This calf must think I am his mother the way he is coming at me."  "G" became a little concerned when he could see the 600 lb calf was headed straight toward him.  He said "I knew this calf was expecting to be fed.  It was like he knew he was going home with me."  As "G" stands petrified watching the calf coming toward him at full speed, he wonders if the calf will run over him.   The calf in true style of a bottle- fed calf came to a very sudden stop in front of "G" almost to close to be comfortable. "G" took one step back almost in disbelief that the calf could come so close and still manage to stop. 

Realizing that the calf considered him his new mother, "G" headed for his cattle trailer and the calf walked right in as if to say "let's go home".

After a few months of eating and gaining weight, the steer became  very large and prime for butchering.  He produced a lot of beef for the freezer.  The second freezer required to hold all the beef was outside the house on a concrete slab.

"G" and his wife had many good feast in mind which would include lots of  beef for them and their family.   Upon returning from an extended trip, they discovered the door of the outdoor freezer lying some distance away in the yard.  Checking the freezer, they found that most of the meat had ruined.  Apparently a wind storm had blown off the freezer door while they were away.  Dreams of many meals of beef had disappeared in the wind that had come their way.