Cockle Burs, a Little Girl and a Dog

(c) Jerry Davis 2005



Sinbad (my long haired chow dog) getting burs in his hair reminds me of a true story I heard about one of our friends 5 yr old daughter.  While her mom and grandmother were fishing at a farm pond, the little girl found some cockle burs.  Cockle burs look a lot like hair rollers so she proceeded to roll her hair with them.  She had her hair completely rolled with the new curlers when it was discovered what she had done.  In case you don't know about cockle burs, they have small hooks on the end of each spine of the bur.  These little hooks allow the bur to be caught in the hair of any animal and be spread to different locations.   You can probably imagine how much it hurt when they had to pull and cut the burs out of the little girl's hair.