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PS:  For all those new to Texas, caliche is a form of limestone used on our country roads that starts out as rocks but quickly wears down into dust.  Everything in it makes one sneeze.  No need to wash your car before you travel on a caliche road either.


Cowboy Jerry
Cowboy Jerry
The Caliche Times Archives
All Caliche times stories are written about real people, events, and/or animals.  So if the stories look real they probably are.  If the stories remind you of someone you know; then you must know someone I know. Most are written with "tongue in cheek" and some embellishment could have occurred.   Some stories include names of real people.    Jerry


Note: Most pages after this one have music.  You may want to turn your speakers off at this time if you don't want to listen.


The Caliche Times    Vol. 6  No. 1       9-22-09 (pdf file)


The Caliche Times    Vol. No. 1       2-2-07
(Our Alphabet soup came up a few letters short)


The Caliche Times   Vol. 5  No. 2     2-3-07
(King Chester takes his throne and Sinbad passes)




The Fruit Harvest





















Cawley Reunions
32nd Cawley Reunion 2004

33rd Cawley Reunion 2005


Jax's First Birthday Party


This and That and Other Things

I keep Tripping over Dad's Genes

Cockle Burs,  a Little Girl, and a Dog



Christmas 2004

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Having ones tonsils removed can take a lot of courage.




Petey the snake
Happy New Year!




by Chelsea Cawley '98


The little girl and the vines


The Day Education Ended at Ellum School

told by Jim Tom Cawley
7/3/02 revised 6/15/04



Cow Psychology
(published by two magazines in Canada)
used by new and old ranchers alike as a guide to better understand cattle and their interesting and humorous ways.


Davis Elm Creek Ranch Vocabulary


Caliche Times' Weather
(Central Texas weather)

Big Bend Weather
(Terlingua, Texas)


Short Stories and Poem Highlights



Emu's Have More Fun

The Little Boy and the Cistern

The Lone, Little, Loveable, Puppy of a "Screw-tailed" Bulldog
named "Peewee"


Step Dog

Step Dog's Story
and many pictures

Step Dog Came to Visit
"The pleasure is all mine!"

Click on picture for close up view


Where's the Beef?

Grandmother come Here!

The Cow that got Hooked

The Owl That Didn't Give a Hoot

I'm Sorry, Rosebud

The Thunder Belt


Santa's Boot Tracks



Counting Blessings


Jerry's Tech Tips and Humor Site

New Tech Pages:

That Nasty Little Worm

My Start Button is in The Wrong Place. HELP!

When I read my mail I get bumped off the Internet.



Hobby Interest

Central Texas Gem and Mineral Society

Demonstrations  of Talent at the CTGMS show 2005


The Red Gap Silver Mine


Model Rockets

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