Step Dog's Email

Dear Step Dog,
    It looks like you have it made.   I have a dog that I might trade with you.  Ours needs hyper-active medicine.   He is under you whenever you go outside.  He barks at all birds, cats and especially the mailman.

    Loved the story.

                                        See you,


        Dear Squeegee,

        We would love to have a pet, again but we have reached the age
when it is a burden to take on a pet.  We travel and you would not like
to stay in a motor home and not be able to be out where you can smell the
skunks and breath the clean air of the country.  You see, we stay in the
cities, most of the time. 

        Our Children have grown up and now have children of their own.
They also have pets that we don't think they have time to watch after
them, as they should and we did, when we were raising our family. 

        We do wish you the best of everything that may come your way. 

        Watch out for those ole mean tom cats.

        B & L

Me and Squeegee really liked your email.  She said she understood about folks that travel a lot.  She was glad to hear from you though.  It has been a boring morning for her except for biting one of the cats on the back leg.  Lucky for her the cat didn't pay much attention.

Jerry on behalf of Squeegee (step dog)

PS: I hope you didn't send this to my kids...................LOL

You shouldn't have!! You just don't know how much of a softie I am when it comes to are going to keep her aren't you???
I have one VERY spoiled half Corgie half something else. She is my baby and she knows it!
P.S. Notice the bench my husband made for me...she loves to chew wood.  BF

sadie[1].jpg (59718 bytes)

(click to see Sadie)

What?  No one has asked for you yet.

Dear Squeaky (my new name for you),
At least you should know by now that you are attractive.
I like your spruced up site.  lj
P.S.  Don't let Sinbad the chow dog know you are getting e-mail. He'll be more jealous than he already must be.

Hang in there!!!!  If you keep looking cute and earning your keep by keeping those wolves and tigers away, they may just keep feeding you.  It worked for me.  My family hasn't been attacked by tigers since I arrived and I still get my daily Alpo.

I do hope you are going to a good and loving home. We will miss hearing about your exciting days. Dogs need lots of attention and love. Just ask my girl Sadie!!  Be good and let us know what they are going to name you.

Fort Worth

Thanks for your note. I had my bath this morning and left for my new home in Abilene about 8am this morning. I was a little nervous and hungry but my temporary folks packed a lunch for me to have when I get to my new home.  My new home is with a young couple that have a 4yr old boy. I should have lots of fun playing with him.

- Step Dog

I got a nice going away card on the internet but it's time has expired.  Sorry!
It was from Janet.

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