Supply List 
Level 5

(c) 2009 by Jerry Davis

Check for fee made out to CTGMS.  Check with instructor for cost of class.

Check supplies for other levels linked at the bottom of this page for reminders of basic tools needed.

1st project:   Double Spinning Ring

100-918     18 ga full bead wire, a few inches

100-518    18 ga Square wire, a few inches

100-124    Sheet silver 24 ga - enough to cut rings to length you need for yourself or your spouse or whoever.

102-124  2.82 x .76 mm  pattern wire  (about 10 inches) enough to make two wraps around the ring size you plan to make.

All projects:

scrap leather pad  approx  3x4" 

scrap leather pad approx  2x2"

Duck tape

tin snips (unserrated)

micro caliper if you have one

Check tools and supplies for other levels:





Dress for the class:

A cap to shield your eyes from bright lights above.  Optivisor will also serve to shade eyes.

Old clothes that you don’t mind having holes burned in by acid or other means.  This will be a dusty and somewhat dirty hands environment.  The polishing operation is difficult on hands so if your hands are sensitive you may want thin leather gloves to give you some protection.  We will have leather finger guards for you to use during finishing of metal if you want to use them.  Even with finger guards your fingers will take a lot of punishment, from polishing compounds, chemicals, etc.  You may want some hand cream close by for the days you will be finishing metal.  


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