Supply List 
Level 2
(c) 2008 by Jerry Davis
(Bring these items to class on the first day)

What to bring to the first class:

Check for class fee made out to CTGMS. (Check with teacher)

Two or three cabochons, one of which will be selected for your first cabochon ring making project.

Bring your tool box and torch (if available)

Notebook to keep your project outline, projects and notes in. Of course, paper and pencil for notes, drawings, etc.

Small tool box, plastic (
A small plastic fishing tackle box or little toolbox is good to keep your bottles and a few items in.)

Three or more small bottles with your name on label (leave space for other information also)  Baby food jars, pill bottles, are good for this.

A few small good zip up (easy close slider by Hefty) Baggies for small items.

Leather Gloves for  wear during polishing

Hand Cream

Prescription glasses or safety glasses (Harbor Freight has these for $2.00)

Dust mask,  if you are sensitive to vapors from soldering and dust from finishing machine.  

Cabochons, both regular and freeform

2 worn out silver dimes.  You can buy these from "bulk" silver at Pratt's Coin shop on South 1st.   No exotic coins please.  You will be shown some styles of shanks and techniques. 

Bring a small design you would like to transfer to silver and make into jewelry.  Pendant size.  It must be one that is of simple outline form or can be converted to simple form.  It must require some piercing and can count for a piercing project.   Piercing is to cut out some of the internal parts of the design with the small saw provided.  Get ideas from catalog of Gems and Findings or other jewelry catalogs and or Lapidary Digest magazines.

If you want to bring your own acetylene-air torch then we can probably use it.  The club has three that have been loaned by members.  

(If you have your own tank and torch you may want to use your own just to get used to it.   We use acetylene-air torches and tanks.  Tip # 2 or 3 size is used most often)

If you wish to bring some of your own tools and tool box it will be ok.  You might want to engrave your name on them or see what our color codes are and make a unique color code for your tools.  Tools have a way of getting mixed up with others.

Dress for the class:

Old clothes that you don’t mind having holes burned in by acid or other means.  This will be a dusty and somewhat dirty hands environment.  The polishing operation is difficult on hands so if your hands are sensitive you may want thin leather gloves to give you some protection.  We will have leather finger guards for you to use during finishing of metal if you want to use them.  Even with finger guards your fingers will take a lot of punishment, from polishing compounds, chemicals, etc.  You may want some hand cream close by for the days you will be finishing metal.  


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