Supplies Level 4
 "Wildwood Flower"

----------------------------------------- NECK CHAIN OR BRACELET (FLAT LINK) -----------------

 16 gauge round wire

24-inch neck chain requires about 60 inches or 5 ft.       16 ga wire is 7.5 ft/oz      Plus the cost of a fastener of your own design or bought fastener.   I like to make my own fastener from left over wire of heavier gauge and you may want to do the same.

If you would rather build the flat link bracelet then consider the following:

6-inch bracelet made the same way requires about 12 inches of 16-ga wire

I will furnish the chemicals for the patina and seal if needed.  I will cut the jump ring links for you and show you a method of texture with roll mill.  If you want to build the jump rings ahead of time  the wire link is 1” when unrolled.  Solder all the rings and elongate them and clean.

----------------------------------------- RING -----------------------------------------------------

Supplies needed for ring. (more of the 16 ga ss wire needed here)

14 gauge square wire enough to make two or three trips around your finger (about 12” I would guess”
16 gauge round wire about 12” in silver or copper

Stone and setting hardware if you want to mount a stone on the ring.

 ----------------------------------------- BRACELET # 2  (SHEET METAL) ----------------------------------

You choose the gauge of metal based on how heavy you want the bracelet to be.

Little designs (cut out patterns you want and solder on plates), leaves, feathers, little cast designs, scrap metal patterns, etc. be creative.) /option/ mount stones on plates.

Plates will be joined with jump ring style connections, 4 to each plate and 4 jump rings to complete the connection.  Fastener of your choice.

-----------------------------------------  ADVANCED PROJECT ----------------------------------

Your choice of design and combination of techniques and stones

-----------------------------------------  Repoussé PROJECT ----------------------------------
Gauge copper  2 ˝ by 2 ˝ piece   copies of your own design, transfer one design to the white shelf paper and attach to copper sheet.  Maybe plan for a blue or green or black background.


Level 4                                    1-26-05

A few more items to bring to class that will be helpful. 

Textured material - cloth, etc with strong texture for roll mill

Small feathers - patterns or real

Small leaves -       "       and real 

Tools for chasing and embossing.....  the old screwdriver collection make into little tools.   If you don't have any tools, look at pawn shops they always have some old screwdrivers and hammers they want to get rid of for very little money.

Be locating little critter patterns or stones you want to put on the bracelet plates, even music notes.  Remember Frinzes has "boo-koos" of little critters for a price to use as patterns.  Lots of patterns at Hobby Lobby and other places you may know of.  We can reduce patterns to sizes you want to use also.

Might bring some other sizes of wire besides the ones I specified because you will need to make little jump rings for the bracelet plates and possibly an "s" fastener or two.

If you want to make the flat link bracelet heavier than the example I have, then bring some heavier wire such as 12ga.  The links will still be made flat, but will be heavier.

If you want to attach things to the flat link bracelet to make it more attractive then that will be ok too.  You will probably want to attach the other items before soldering the links the final time.

Instructions will be mostly work of mouth since you have so much experience and I haven't been able to get the writing done.  Many projects that I studied and planned on didn't come together for this class, so I have had to "switch boats in the middle of the stream" you might say.

I am hoping you will follow my basic ideas and then add to them and run with it, be creative.

The long term project just means to do a project you have had it mind but just haven't done.  Long term doesn't mean you have to take months to complete it. smile.

If you can't get every thing done on a project in one day, don't worry about it.  We all work at different speeds and most projects run a little longer than one day of time anyway.  No one will be assigned to stay after school in D-Hall until the work is done.  Just be relaxed and have a good time and we will learn new things from each other.

Have a good day.

PS:  Also bring a metal crimper if you have one.

You will need your quilting pins and "T" pins in many projects also.