Level 5 Silversmithing/Metalsmithing
Advanced Level
(c) Jerry Davis   2008

Saturday classes, TBA

Class 1  The Double Spinning Ring


10am Davis Studio/classroom, TBA


Class 2   Filigree ring or other filigree project.
10am Davis Studio/classroom
Class 3   Section Bracelet with hinges of a specified type, stones mounted on each section or etchings from project 5.
10am Davis Studio/classroom
Class 4  Granulation project, ring, pendant, ear rings or bracelet.
10am Davis Studio/classroom
Class 5  Etching designs on copper or silver if time permits


10am Davis Studio/classroom
If you have projects to finish then you may take advantage of the Monday night club classroom that we have.  As you complete your projects, then show them to me and let me sign you certification sheet.
Soft bricks for silversmithing. I have firebricks for sale $3.00 each.    I "bringum you cleanum"  they still have some soft mortar on them but are easy to clean.

Certification Sheet