Level 3 Silversmithing/Metalsmithing

Schedule 2008
Jerry Davis

(Tuesdays except on a Monday after club meeting, then class will be Thursday)

Class 1 Notes, pinning of channel work design to brick and burn off. 
Soldering of channel wire needs to begin today.   Bring your brick.
Date    Thur June 5, 10am Davis Studio/classroom
Class 2 Choosing a Bolo slide, channel soldering and base plate work Date     Tue June 10, 10am Davis Studio/classroom
Class 3 Building Bolo Tips, Bolo Spheres, Bolo Slides Date                             ,10am Davis Studio/classroom
Class 4 Chasing & Embossing Date                            , 10am Davis Studio/classroom
Class 5  Mixed media, silver, brass, copper, patination, finish sealing Date                             ,10am Davis Studio/classroom 

Firebricks for sale: 

 $3.00 each   Good quality, light weight, ideal for silversmithing and for other metal work in the shop.   These quality bricks can be used to make homemade kilns also.             "I bringum, you cleanum".