Guidelines for Demonstrators
Central Texas Gem and Mineral Society



Please be in place at the demo tables and be ready to talk and demonstrate at the times you are signed up for. The other times you may help somewhere else or go shopping.  We always have fun at the show, learn new things, and meet new people.  You may be asked for a business card.  It is good to have some ready.  They don't have to be advertising a business, just who you are and what you specialize in.  People may not use them after picking them up except to make notes on.  But they feel like they got something from the show.


Torches must be secured to table or supported in a very secure manner and a fire extinguisher available, by order of fire marshal. Keep your table as clear of flammable materials as possible. 


You should keep your equipment covered with sheets clamped to the table when you are away from your work, if not, your tools can easily disappear. Also, you might ask someone to keep an eye on your "stuff" while you are gone.

Never let any precious stones or metals out of your sight; keep in secure case.

 Removal of tools at the end of show:

Remove your tools, etc. by 4:30 on Sunday to make room for dealer exit.  

Thank you,

Jerry Davis

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