Step-Dog's Daily Diary

7-13-01     I received a lot of mail today.  Lots of good emails.  Thanks to all who looked at my pictures and wrote me.  A very hot day even in the shade.  Chased a few grasshoppers.  Some of them were quite tasty.

7-14-01    No mail today. Had my picture taken.  Didn't want to smile for the camera.  Had a bath.  Went to the barn and looked at the barn cats.    Growled at cats that tried to get my place on the step and went back to sleep. 

7-15-01  Looks like my main job today is to keep the cats off the back step.  The cats are getting used to me and are beginning to crowd me now.  I guess they are used to being fed on my step.  There's a big black Chow dog named Sinbad.  He's trying to ignore me.  I think he lives on the front porch.  A lot of folks came to see me today, everybody liked me and played with me, but nobody had a place to keep me.

7-16-01  I took a long walk with my keepers this morning and jumped into my tub of water to cool off when we returned.  I have been tired enough to take several naps since then.

7-17-01  I didn't get to go on a walk this morning but I managed to keep busy.  I have a couple of rugs that I have been shredding, it may take some time, the weave is kind of close.  I overheard my keepers talking about taking me to the vet.  I wonder what that is about?  Some folks keep wanting to trade some other breed of dog for me but I just ain't gonna have it.  I want a good home all to my self. 

Well this has been my lucky day, I am going to live with a young couple that has a fenced in yard and a boy just my size to play with.  I leave in the morning.  I know my temporary keepers will miss me but I just need a place all my own.


I got this nice going away card today.  You are welcome to read it.

 I had my bath this morning and left for my new home in Abilene about 8am this morning. I was a little nervous and hungry but my temporary folks packed a lunch for me to have when I get to my new home.  My new home is with a young couple that have a 4yr old boy. I should have lots of fun playing with him.

Bathing was a little scary, but I think I could get used to it.  I didn't think dirt in my ears was that big of a problem.




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