The Caliche Times    Vol. 3  No. 2       5-4-00

© Cowboy Jerry



Weather reports and other notes from The Davis Elm Creek Ranch 

Our friend Bob in Abilene, TX sent me an email that said ďNo need to email me any more weather reports from Okra, TX.  Once you have heard one report you can just memorize it and use it again tomorrow.Ē   Yep, we have decided that we will just have to learn to live without rainwater. (We havenít had rainfall here to produce significant stock water since July 4, 1998).  We think we will try to train our cows not to eat and drink as much as before.  If our cows could just spend some time on one of the ranches in West Texas we figure they would appreciate how good they have it right here at home.  We sometimes think we have it tough here in Central Texas but in areas of South West Texas all they have to do to ďcall upĒ cows is to rattle a bucket of water and stand out of the way.  As far as grass goes, most of it has been grazed off for several months now.  The last good rain came in the Big Bend area in June of 1999.  


Ever so often during your days on a ranch you have to do unpleasant things like take an animal out of its misery.  If you have had to have a pet put to sleep then you will feel close to the following story about Rosebud the family cow.  If you have a tendency to cry during Rosebuds story, itís OK, we shed some tears also.   If you make it through Rosebudís story then you will be able to get a smile or two out of the last story written in honor of Grandmothers.


Iím Sorry, Rosebud.

© Jerry Davis  5-4-00 


Iím sorry, Rosebud.  I know we shouldnít have given you a name.  Giving you a name made you a family member.  

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  I know you were the smartest cow we had and you always listened and watched for us coming with the feed pickup. 

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  I know it will be tough for the rest of the herd cows to manage without you; but they will just have to learn to deal without your leadership.

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  The next lead cow hasnít been chosen yet.  Cows make their decisions in ways I donít always understand. 

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  With all your skills of knowing when to follow or when to graze made you stand out above the rest.

Iím sorry, Rosebud.   If we had understood you were mineral deficient, we would have tried to do better.

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  You had calves and more calves and served you time here on the ranch well.  If your peers could read better we would put up a plaque honoring you in front of others.

Iím sorry, Rosebud.   I donít think the others even knew your name but I know they understood when you told them in your own way that feed was on the way.

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  We knew that sometime we would have to say bye to you but we certainly didnít expect it to end this way.

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  You did get a decent family burial with dignity.  A dozer put your carcass below varmint level so your bones wonít be distributed across the pasture like some other unfortunate animals have been.

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  You did make it a little difficult when you bellowed at your calf when he came to pay his final respects before your last day.

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  You can rest well knowing your calf was of weaning age and hasnít been back looking for you after your last day.  Calves only mourn for 3 days so he is Ok by now.

Iím sorry, Rosebud. Your last meal was one of your favorites, I didnít have to even ask; grain cubes, fresh hay and water.  It was no burden for me to hand it to you, a family member.

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  You could have a least blinked or closed your bright eyes at the very last moment as I tried not to think of you as a family member that had to be destroyed.

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  It was appropriate for you to blow and snort your nose on me but I still couldnít make you get over your paralysis.

Iím sorry, Rosebud.  We have retired your number.





This is written in honor of Grandmothers.  Change the names if you want to.  If you aren't a Grandmother that's Ok.  I thought you might want to read it anyway.  My wife, Lou Jane, is the Grandmother in this story.   Jerry

Grandmother, Come Here.
By Papa Jerry Davis

 Grandmother, come here.  See if you can climb into this train like I did.

Grandmother, come here.  I want you to play with trucks with me.

Grandmother, come here.  Grandmother, lets go outside.

Grandmother, come here.  I want to climb dis ladder.

Grandmother, come here.  I can see the cows through the window.  What are they doing?

Grandmother, come here.  What is dis?  Did cows make this?

Grandmother, come here.  Lets sit in the swing and watch the birds.

Grandmother, come here.  Where is Papa Jerry today?

Grandmother, come here.  Why is Jonah crying?

Grandmother, come here.  Grandmother, I want some green Yogurt.

Grandmother, come here.  Grandmother, what is your favorite color?

Grandmother, come here.  Grandmother, I want 2 M&Mís.

Grandmother, come here.  Grandmother, Jonah canít have my truck.

Grandmother, come here.  Letís get on the tractor.

Grandmother, come here.  Who dis picture?

Grandmother, come here.  Outside, whatís Sinbad doing?

Grandmother, come here.  Can we go ride in Papa Jerryís truck?

Grandmother, come here.  What did you bring me today, Grandmother?

Grandmother, come here.  Grandmother, will you hold this ball?

Grandmother, come here.  Where is Papa Jerry?  Whatís he doing?

Grandmother, come here.  Whatís Greg doing?

Grandmother, come here.  Whatís Sharla doing?

Grandmother, come here.  Whereís Daddy going?

Grandmother, come here.  Whatís Mother doing?

Grandmother, come here.  Grandmother, want to share some chips?

Grandmother, come here.  Grandmother, I want some Peanut Butter crackers.

Grandmother, come here.  Grandmother, will you sleep in my bed?

Grandmother, come here.  I canít see you when we talk on the speakerphone, come here!

 Grandmotherís answers:( not in any order)

 ďYes, Yes, OK.  We are coming to see you soon.   Papa Jerry, move the ladder!    I brought you a truck. Try not to kick the fresh cow poop!   Donít push  Jonah.  You always share with little brother.  Yes, Yes, OK.   I love you Caleb!Ē


ďI luv you twe Grandmother!Ē


Y'all come to see us.  We live right where the East ends and the West begins, the North has ended and the South has bended.