The Caliche Times Vol  2  No  8       10/05/99
Jerry Davis


Two Angels Appeared at my Door Today.


Two angels appeared at my door today.  No, these weren’t guardian angels.   One had a rather clever inquiring smile on his face, the other had a grin a mile wide and blonde curls.  One came in close and sat with me for a while. He asked a lot of questions like what’s dis?  What does dat do?  What’s he doing?   What you going to do now?  Where we going?  The one I will refer to as "curly" kept grinning and making a lot of noises I didn’t understand.   Seemed that "curly" had a good grasp of the situation and had a lot of thoughts about going and doing things he wasn’t quite ready to do.  He was very restless and strong about what he wanted to do.

I said, OK, come go with me in my cowboy pickup and we will see some real earth movers at work.  So we all got into my old pickup and headed to the pasture where two dozers were cleaning out a very old tank.  The Caleb angel checked out the dozers for a while and then began to hand me rocks.  This little angel was obviously a rock hound too.  The angel called "curly" just jumped, hollered and cheered time after time as dozers labored to push thousands of pounds of earth into the shape of an earthen dam.

We all finally got hungry and returned to the house for something to eat and drink. The angel Caleb said "We could eat some green Yogurt and drink some water". While thinking to myself, "What angel on earth would ask for green Yogurt and water?", I said, "Yes, I do have some of that in the refrigerator."

The angel "curly", AKA Jonah, decided he would have a corn dog and two bananas all cut up into small pieces and also have some cold water.  The water later became a flying water jug and it broke apart when he hurled it to the floor with extreme pleasure.

Pretty soon, these angels were tired and looked real nappy.  But, I heard the Caleb angel say "Where’s Grandmother?" for about the third time; I could see this visit coming to a rapid end. Next, I realize that these two angels have been strapped into their Dad’s van and were headed off on a new adventure; headed to Grandmother’s school library.   Papa Jerry goes back to work.

Caleb angel -  2 years, 9 months old
Jonah angel,  "curly"- 15 months old





That's sweet, we use to have angels hang around our house sometimes, but they grew up, they don't have much time for Grandmas and Grandpas anymore.



Jerry, thank you for bringing pleasure to my day!   What a delightful story.      Much love, Carolyn

Just read about the wildlife you are enjoying. :-)
I go to your web site when I get home sick...and I get even more home sick.   I can understand where you are coming from, and miss it all very much.   I LOVE your stories and your style of writing. Thank You.  I WILL write to you in the next few days and share some bits and pieces of
our life in Malaysia.   Tonya