The Caliche Times Vol  1, No 6      10/26/98


A Baby Stork flew Over the Other Day Carrying Diapers

Yeah, I thought I heard a baby stork fly over this morning about 6:30 in a hurry to make it to Seattle. Sure enough one of my cousins Gae Bjork from the San Antonio area emailed me the following information or specs if you are into the technical stuff. Here it is in the words of a happy grandmother....

Thomas Alvin Firsich Joins Clan

>Jerry, Brenda and Todd became parents today! Vitals:
>Thomas Alvin Firsich
>8 pounds
>21 3/4 inches (wow!)
>Todd called about 7:00 this morning to get me before leaving for work, then talked with Brenda. Two very happy parents!!!! They attended several of the reunions at Ruidosa, so I am sure many of the clan will want to know about Thomas's arrival."

It no wonder the kid was a wow! kid. I had him on my calendar for the 22th of this month and look how much he grew with the extra four days.


Well, let's hear more from the Grandmother now.....

>"You know that I am REALLY getting eager for Sunday and my trip to Seattle. Such a considerate grandson, too--we always hoped that Todd would be off work the first week of his arrival and I could be there for a second week of 'help' while he can go to work. Perfect timing--and we made my plane reservations in August! Todd said he will be sending some pictures over the 'net' probably before I leave. They just purchased a scanner so I can really keep updated on Thomas's progress, too, after I leave there.

Grandmothers get Organized

Sounds like if we get all the grandmothers organized we may have some baby pictures to email to relatives.

Goldene and Bob make a Move

>You may know that Goldene and Bob are planning to move from their current place (in the country); they are still looking for a complex suitable for
>them. Both want "view". Previous to getting married, Goldene lived in an
>apartment complex that circled a huge pond (or small lake) that had
>wildlife--ducks, etc. I think they want something similar. They are
>accustomed to following the wildlife in their current place--skunks and
>possums raiding the food beneath the bird feeders, hundreds of birds (many interesting species), and on the lake the swan and geese as well as deer coming up for drink from the nearby woods. You would have enjoyed their place--the only time I was there was at the reunion year before last."  Love, Gae

Red Birds in an Ohio Snow and Owl Makes Strangled Sound

You are right Gae, I would enjoy that place especially in the Winter time with about a foot of two of Ohio snow and watching and feeding the red birds and other wildlife. Out here at Elm creek we do the same thing but we do it with 1/100 inch of frost on the grass. No one can remember the last time it snowed enough to cover the ground. All the Town Birds* and Red Birds gather around and elbow each other to get a place to roost in the bushes next to our house. Have a resident Great Horned Owl that has been staying out here at night under or near our guard lights. He watches for stuff to eat like crickets and mice. He makes an unnerving sound when you aren't looking; somewhat similar to a strangled hawk. I never heard a strangled hawk but seemed like a good comparison.

Old Rock Hounds Rock on Monday Nights

Came in late from Abilene tonight where the old rock hounds get together and BS about rocks and other trivia. Think we will make a trip to Big Bend around Thanksgiving to listen to a lot of other rock hounds BS about rocks and trivia. Rock hounds don't have to know each other, they just have to know some of the same kinds of rocks to have a good conservation. My friend Don ( the rancher near Ovalo) is working on our club web site so some day we will publish our site to the World Wide Web.

Truman Davis

I talked to Jack Davis this morning. Jack said Truman is off IV's and is sitting up now with help. Doctor is planning to send him home probably tomorrow.

Nona Maye (Cawley) Davis, Cecil and JC

I did hear from Nona Maye (Cawley) Davis yesterday and she is feeling good again after a few weeks of weight loss and feeling uneasy about eating. One of those mystery things that nobody has any answers for.  Cecil is about the same and would like to have some email if you want to send it to JC.

Nan and Dale and Villa Gregg

Nan and Dale and Villa Gregg and family all getting back to routine of daily events after Nan and Dale spending some time with surgery.

Exia's Ole Stomping Ground has a Gate Factory

Exia Cawley in Port Neches, TX might like to know there is a lot of activity over at Carbon, TX. There is a gate construction company there close to the location of the trading store. They ships gates all over the country. Gates are real popular in this part of the country. Wish we could be more like Wyoming and not have to have fences then we wouldn't need gates.

Playboy Club and Granny's Cafe

Those of you that haven't been to Carbon, TX might like to drop by there and see Carbon's Playboy Club. You can go in there and have a game of dominoes and then go next door to Granny's Cafe and have one of the best home cooked meals you can have if you like taters, steak and gravy.

It's nice to hear from those of you that take time to drop a line in the email box from time to time.

Good Ole Texas Expression

Y'all have a goodun and come to see us, ya hear! (we hear that expression a lot around here so I use it cause it's fun to write it too.)

Okra is Near the Cutting Edge of Culture

We live way out here on the cutting edge of culture near Okra, TX... thats pronounced "Oakre" round here. If you don't know where Okra is it is just as far as you can point from where you are.... smile.

Well hello Thomas Alvin Firsich, join the clan!

See y'all,


*Town Birds - AKA Sparrows.   Dumb birds that have interbred so much that they don't even know how many species there are or who their parents are.

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