The Caliche Times Vol   1, No 4    10-23-98


Don had to apologize to his dogs

My friend Don who owns a ranch south of Abilene sent me the following note after the last Caliche Times:
"A few years ago I had two old dogs that would spend hours digging an armadillo out of his hole but would let an armadillo dig up the yard so I could hardly mow.  I said some really bad things to and about those dogs.  Then one night I killed this skunk in the yard and the digging stopped. Never knew a skunk did that much digging.   Neither dog would bother a skunk.  Had to apologize to the dogs.
I have seen a few or the green snakes out here also."

Truman, Jack, Oral and a Pair of Gloves

Well Truman Davis (my Uncle) that lives in Goldthwaite, TX is in the hospital in Brownwood right now and I hope to visit him tomorrow. I am reminded of the story that his son Jack told about him a few years ago and the story makes me grin and think of my Dad (Oral E. Davis) every time I think of this story. Truman was a dozer operator in West Texas and clearing right-of-ways for pipe lines I think. Jack decided he would go to work for his Dad a while and make a few extra dollars. Truman put Jack on the job as his dozer "swamper" meaning he was to do whatever his Dad told him to do. When my Dad asked Jack how he liked working for Truman as his "swamper", Jack replied "Well I liked it all right but Dad had to buy a new pair of gloves every day." Dad said, "Oh, why was that?"   Jack said," Well, Dad wore out the index finger part of a pair of gloves every day just pointing and telling me what to do."   Suddenly I realized why we had so many pairs of old gloves lying around our place.

Y'all come to see us,


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