The Caliche Times Vol 1, No 1    10/2/98


Can you Define Rain?

Well, hope its raining where you are, there is not any falling here. Weather map shows rain all over Texas... guess their definition of rain and mine differ.

Balloon Flight and Hurricane Tour

Cousins J Frank & Pat Davis are on their world tour right now.  They had everything scheduled except a balloon flight over China. James and Helen Shults are through with their pre-hurricane tour of Florida. Doubt if the golfing was too good in Florida this week. James is probably in a depression after trying to play in that wind. If he would just watch that guy on TV and learn to hit the ball straight with only one lesson. We don't have to worry about any wet weather here in Central Texas our golf course is in fine shape... plenty of irrigation water on the south side of Rising Star for the golf course.

"Bob War" and Water Pumps

Other interesting news, I am preparing to put in more new fence and extend the size cattle corral, so I went into Brownwood yesterday and bought 55 bundles of fence post(T-posts) and 10 roles of barbed wire(that's pronounced "Bob War" if you need help with that).. studied their engines for pumping water with great interest.. looks like the pumps can draw up water (at a rate of 170 gal/minute or more) from any of our hand dug wells just fine.

Blue Herons are Stumbling over Fish

Had to sell some cows since the pond water is down to the depth so you can see the backs of the carp and catfish sticking out of the water as they swim. The Great Blue Herons( we only have two assigned to Elm Creek, they are very territorial, you know and won't share with neighboring Herons) have really enjoyed helping our buzzards(Broussard and Brucilla our resident buzzards) and the raccoons keep the fish cleaned up. We haven't named the raccoons or armadillos because there are so many of them they don't even know each others names. If you want to read more about Broussard (named after a college roommate of mine and Brucilla, named after one of our least favorite cattle diseases) you can read more about the role they play here on the ranch by clicking on the link and reading the Advanced Cow Psychology page.

Eastland Internet Expands to Metroplex

On the technology side, our Internet service has extended into the Dallas-Fort Worth area and is now serving over 100 towns in Texas. We have three Internet companies originating out of the Eastland, Texas area from the same office. The one fellow that works in the office answering the phone has a pretty interesting day with tech calls coming in.

The Internet gets Personal with Relatives

On the personal technology, James I. Cawley and Jim T. Cawley plan to get their scanners set up and send us some pictures soon. Larry and Terri Cawley talk about doing this also but I haven’t received any pictures yet. Larry is too busy engineering trains in the "piney" woods of East Texas. We did receive a baby picture from Chad and Kim Davis of Caitlin. She has beautiful blue eyes. They live in Durham, NC.

Teachers get DECed

Well, keep your teachers in mind this week seems they all have been under extra stress from the DEC visits. Teachers and principals have to be ready to answer a lot of questions to prove their school’s special programs are going the way they should. Lou Jane in Cisco,TX, Sharla in New Castle,TX, and Kelly in Seminole, TX, report that they are surviving the test real well but are looking forward to Friday.

James Shults tours Davis Elm Creek Ranch

James Shults came by before I finished this email this morning and we visited and took a tour of the place and looked at a new black and white heifer calf about two days old. We looked at a wildlife pond and an old well on a homestead place where my little sister, Ruth Ledelle Davis was stillborn during a snowstorm, March 18, 1934. The doctor had made a house call to bring the baby but couldn’t save it.

The rain went around us again so I guess I better quit telling stories and go back to work.

If you don’t know folks mentioned in this email don’t worry about it because if you trace back far enough you will find out you are probably related to them some where along the way. Smile. 

You Could Have Been Working

Y'all have a nice day now. If you have read this far then you have lost part of a pretty day when you could have been accomplishing something.


PS: James Shults said the golf went just fine down in Florida except for the rain. Takes a lot to get him off the golf course.

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