Ghost Emus
(C)  7/3/02 by Jerry Davis

This story begins soon after the days when emus were valuable and no one could find a use for them except to eat big grasshoppers.  An acquaintance of ours had several emus they couldn't decide what they were supposed to do with them now that the market had collapsed.  They wanted to sell them to someone and get a little return from them if possible so they held on to them and kept them in a wildlife pen.  Others in the area were turning their emus "out to pasture". 

This couple was not ready to just turn them out so they kept feeding them until one day they noticed they were gone.  Apparently they had escaped from their pen on the farm.  (No one ever steals an emu)

They looked and looked for the emus and finally found them.  The emus, however, could not be driven back into their pen.  The owner finally lost his temper, went after his shotgun and killed the worthless and stupid emus.

Not long after this event, emus showed up in his pasture and the owner realized that those he had shot belonged to someone else.