Sometimes Free Birds aren't Worth the Price

(c) Jerry Davis 5-23-00

Emu prices have dropped so low that the birds are being released to run free and we see an occasional bird grazing out in the country. That is potentially a problem for folks that grow crops or have gardens these birds like to feed on. Can you imagine shushing a bird of this size out of your garden?

Recently a neighbor of mine (EJ)  was telling me a story about the emu he had kept in his pasture for a couple of years.  He  was getting tired of feeding this bird and getting nothing in return except a feed bill.  A friend of his decided to accept the bird from him if he would bring it to his ranch.   EJ agreed to this deal to get rid of the bird from his property.  He drove the bird into his cattle chute and loaded it into his cattle trailer without any problem.  He delivered the bird to his friend and they released the bird into the cow pasture.  This fellow's cows had never see a bird like this before so being the curious animals that they are, they approached the bird and sniffed and snorted until suddenly the bird made a sudden movement.  The cows being scared of anything that moves suddenly, stampeded and crashed through a fence at the other side of the pasture and didn't stop until they were at the back side of a neighbor's pasture.

A couple of days later the man that had received the bird called and requested that EJ come get the bird.  "The cows won't come back home as long as that bird is here.  The cows don't have any food and water where they are.   I need you to come get that bird so my cows will come back home."

Well,  EJ reluctantly said "Let me see if I can find a new home for that bird then I will come after it."  EJ did find a person that wanted to take the bird if EJ would deliver it.  EJ gets his cattle trailer and once again is planning to load the bird and haul it to a new location.  He said "I may need you help to load that bird since you don't have the same type of loading chute that I have at my place."

When EJ arrived they soon learned it would not be easy to load this bird from this cattle corral.  After much chasing about and trying to catch the bird, they decided the only way to get the bird would be to use ropes.  So after many attempts at roping the bird they were finally able to get the rope over the birds head.  With one rope around the poor birds neck and one around the birds feet they were able to get the bird back into the cattle trailer for its final trip to what EJ hopes will be a happy home for the bird and its new owners.